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Advantages of Adopting HTML5 Mobile App Development Approach

HTML5, the technology which comes with a cross-platform approach emerges to be the wisest option for delivering apps that can be deployed anywhere. HTML5 app development is an innovative strategy devised to create apps with the perfect user experience and functionality. The applications developed using HTML5 can be easily adapted to varied screen sizes, resolutions and angle ratios.

The features offered with HTML5 application development allow a much more dynamic web content. The open source coding of HTML5 appeals a large number of users because the device agnostic framework ensures mobile applications that function seamlessly across all devices and operating systems.

Listed below are a few advantages of adopting HTML5 for designing mobile applications.

Cross-platform compatibility:

Compatibility across a range of devices is one of the attractive features of HTML5 application development. Whether it’s an Android, Windows, Blackberry or iOS platform, the same HTML5 app will work on all without any hindrance. The added benefit of the same is that the cost of developing the app is much lower than creating native apps for each operating system.

Can be accessed offline:

Mobile apps designed via HTML5 can also function offline without the support of a network connection. Organizations which serve free content in real time can take advantage of this as their users can easily get access to the content even when not supported by adequate internet connection. The process further makes content load quickly and locally.

Video Content Made Easier:

HTML5 development comes with a native video support which makes it compatible with multiple mobile devices and technologies. This, in turn, makes a positive impact on the online visibility as well.

Comes with remote update features:

HTML5 enabled web applications comes with remote update features. So, there is no need for users to update it manually. This feature benefits all the parties, be it an app provider or developer. It means web developers do not require providing support for multiple versions and the users don’t have to go through the cumbersome process of manual update again and again.


HTML5 allow developers to have a single line of code and still create an app that runs consistently across all platforms and devices. This is true for enterprises which have budget constraints and still want to reach users through various devices and platforms.


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    Laveena Alwani

    Feb 21, 2018 at 3:12pm

    Its true as in today world mobile application is most needed

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    Nitesh barai

    Mar 7, 2018 at 11:31am

    well most of bussiness now a days crate the mobile application. Even i am thinking of it.