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How to rank website on top in Google

how to rank website on top in Google

  1. Add your business to Google Maps. …
  2. Add your business to Google My Business and optimize the listing. …
  3. Get more reviews. …
  4. Optimize your website. …
  5. Build relevant backlinks. …
  6. Audit and update NAP citations. …
  7. Add Schema Markup to your website. …
  8. Try Google Maps Ads for ranking.
  1. Google Maps ranking factors are also called local ranking factors, as they are all related to location, both yours and the searcher’s. According to Google’s documentation, the three main local ranking factors are:

    • Relevance — how much your business matches the user’s query.
    • Distance — how close you are to the search user.
    • Prominence — how well-known and well-liked the business is.

Are Local Citations (NAP) A Google Ranking Factor?

Citations help local consumers get in touch or find their way to your store. But do these citations help you rank higher? Find out here.

According to Google, the three most important Google Maps ranking factors are relevance, distance and prominence.
Relevant results are those which closely match the search query. This is why it’s so important for your Google Business Profile to have complete, accurate and detailed information about where you’re located and the services you offer.
A user’s distance from your business also factors heavily in your profile’s ranking, as does whether or not your business address falls within the borders of a local search area (as delineated on Google Maps). For example, a restaurant located within the boundaries of Glenville is more likely to rank higher for “restaurants in Glenville” than one just outside the town limits.

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